Bosch Workshop Air Filter 5511WS Dodge

Bosch 5511WS - Bosch Workshop Air Filter 5511WS Dodge - Engineered with high-quality materials for flawless operation over the entire service life of the filter. Prevention of unfiltered air entering engine intake with a high-quality seal. Check your engine air filter at every oil change and always replace a dirty filter with a high-quality Bosch product. Protects your engine by stopping 98% of engine-threatening particles.

Dirty air filters can cause decreased fuel mileage, increased engine wear, and even problems starting the engine.

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33585XE Heavy Duty Cartridge Fuel Metal Free, Pack of 1 - WIX Filters

Wix 33585XE - Filterareasq ines : 082. Capacitygrams : 3. 23. Duty type : HD. Fuel filter betaratio : 20/75=6/8. Class : HA.

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Mopar Automatic Transmission Fluid, 5 Liter

Mopar 68218058AC - Capacitygrams : 3. 23. For more information go to www. Duty type : HD. Class : HA. It also is a "fill for life" quality fluid. Filterareasq ines : 082. Gov. 1 mopar atf+4, 1. P65warnings. This product is an approved automatic transmission fluid for all vehicles factory filled with ATF+4. Betaratio : 20/75=6/8. Note: due to regulations and restrictions of the item's volume exceeding 1 gallon or more, the item cannot be shipped to the state of California.

Check dipstick for fluid identification. 3 gallon Bottle. Warning: this product can expose you to chemicals which is are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Ca.

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