Bosch Workshop Air Filter 5364WS Audi, Volkswagen

Bosch 5364WS #ad - Check your engine air filter at every oil change and always replace a dirty filter with a high-quality Bosch product. Engineered with high-quality materials for flawless operation over the entire service life of the filter. Dirty air filters can cause decreased fuel mileage, increased engine wear, and even problems starting the engine.

Protects your engine by stopping 98% of engine-threatening particles. Prevention of unfiltered air entering engine intake with a high-quality seal.

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K&N PS-7031 Oil Filter

K&N PS-7031 #ad - Provides outstanding filtration. Designed for synthetic and conventional oils. The pleated media provides high capacity making them suitable for extended oil change intervals when used in accordance with the vehicle and motor oil manufacturers recommendation. These pro series oil filters provide outstanding filtration and engine protection throughout their service life.

Their high flow design can help to improve engine performance by reducing oil filter restriction. They are engineered to handle all grades of synthetic, conventional and blended motor oils. Our pro series oil filters have a fluted canister shape so they can be removed with a traditional oil filter wrench commonly available to commercial installers.

K&N PS-7031 Oil Filter #ad - Premium filtration media for increased capacity. High flow filter designed to improve performance. K&n pro series oil filters are available for canister and cartridge type oil filter applications. K&n pro series oil filters have been specially designed for professional installers and service providers.

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